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Custom wire shelves

Custom wire refrigerator shelves

Refrigerator and Freezer wire shelves custom made to OEM spec's. Wire shelf ordering made easy! Order standard style custom wire shelves online. Made to the dimensions you need in three finishes white or grey Epoxy coated, Chrome and Stainless-Steel lead time is a about 4 weeks. Whether you’re looking for a shelf for acidic foods or to hold the weight of canned and bottled product we can get it done. Order your custom-made refrigerator wire shelf online today. Have a question email us orders

  • First determine your square inches by measuring and multiplying width X length
  • You'll need to round up 10-1/4" is counted as 11"  X 18-1/2 counted as 19" for 11 x 19 =209
  • Find your corresponding square inches below 200 sq in, 400 sq in, 500 sq in, 650 sq in
  • Select the frame size 3/8" or 5/16"
  • Select the finish desired and place order Width x Depth
  • Any shelf over 650 square inches please call for pricing
  • Special cut outs or product stop please email us or call for pricing


  • Note: All custom orders are paid in full and are not refundable after production has been started. You will be notified prior to the placement of your order for the accuracy of the information you provided