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True Thermostats

Thermostat controls intended for True equip.

Thermostats for True refrigerator & freezer equipment OEM & Non-OEM. A thermostat is a vital part of the refrigeration process and can be the easiest and least expensive to replace. Before you replace the thermostat though make sure your temperature lose isn't from a bad Door gaskets . Don't lose product or compromise food taste because of a faulty thermostat! Temperature controls for True equipment are all in stock buy today and have it in 1-4 days. Don't see your thermostat? no worries give us a call 888-289-5911 or email us sales If we don't have it, we'll get it!

True thermostats at a glance
800312 Thermostat equivalent988273 Thermostat equivalent
988282 Thermostat OEM equivalent988284 Thermostat OEM equivalent
800306 Thermostat equivalent960640 Thermostat equivalent
True 991224 Thermostat kit (new style)988283 Thermostat equivalent cold control

ONLY those parts identified as manufactured by True Manufacturing are OEM parts. Certain parts are not OEM products, and are not manufactured, licensed, authorized, or sold by True Manufacturing. OEM Numbers and Commonly Fits Models are used for reference only and no inference or implication beyond that should be taken or is intended. Non-OEM replacement parts are not manufactured, licensed, authorized, sponsored or endorsed by True Manufacturing.
  • (H9-8) True 800312 Thermostat

    (H9-8) 800312 Thermostat equivalent

    True 800312 Thermostat freezer800312 Temp range -8° TO -14°FEquivalent thermostat intended for use on Models: T-23F, T-23F-2, TS-23F, TS-23F-2, T-24G-CS, T-35F, T-49F, TS-49F, T-50-GC, T-50G-CS, T-72F, GDM-23F, GDM-26F, GDM-43F, GDM-49F, GDM-72F,...

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  • (I1-2) True 988273 Thermostat

    (I1-2) 988273 Thermostat equivalent

    True 988273 Thermostat equivalent Cold controlEquivalent thermostat intended for use on models True TSID-36-2, TSID-36-4, TSID-48-2, TSID-48-4, TSID-96-3, TSID-96-6This is not a OEM product and are not manufactured, licensed, authorized, or sold by True...

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  • (I1-3) True 800306 Thermostat

    (I1-4) 800306 Thermostat equivalent

    True 800306 Equivalent Thermostat refrigeratorTrue 800306 cold control Temp range 14° to 40°F with 42" capillaryThe 800306 Old style temp control Equivalent thermostat intended for use on True Models: GDM-23, GDM-33C, GDM-47FC, GDM-69FC, GDM-72FC, T-23,...

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  • (I1-5) True 960640 Thermostat

    (I1-5) 960640 Thermostat equivalent

    True 960640 Thermostat equivalent960640 cold control temp range 14.2° TO 24.1° with 42" capillaryThe 960640 Equivalent thermostat intended for use on on True Models: GDM-12, GDM-14, GDM-23, GDM-26, GEM-26, GDM-41, G4SM-23, TBB-24, TCGR-36This is not a...

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  • (I1-5a) True 991224 Retrofit Thermostat kit

    (I1-5a) True 991224 Thermostat kit (new style)

    True 991224 Retro Thermostat kitRetrofits from a mechanical to electronic controlReplaces 831932 thermosatThe 991224 temp control kit is used on True Models prior to 05/2014T-23DT, T-35, T-49, T-72, T-49DT, T-49G, T-49G-4, TS49F4, TS72, T72G, TS49,...

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  • (!1-5b) True 988283 Thermostat cold control

    (I1-5b) 988283 Thermostat equivalent cold control

    True 988283 Thermostat equivalent cold controlNew 988283 Dan Foss 077B6827 replaces 800393 thermostatthe 988283 temp control Equivalent thermostat intended for use on models: T-12G, T-19G, T-23, T-23G, GDM-7, GDM-9,GDM-10, GDM-12, GDM-14, TBB24, TDD1,...

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