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Lincoln impinger oven parts
O-Reps provides frequently replacement Lincoln parts for Impinger II 1100 series conveyor pizza ovens, CTI counter top 2500 & V2500 series ovens the Impinger 1 1400 series Stackable high capacity ovens as well as all Lincoln oven models. Stocking items such as thermostats, cooling fans, Solenoid valves, timers, thermocouples and more to the food service industry. With Impingers latest technologies the ovens allow for rapid heating, cooking, baking, crisping of foods two to 4 hours faster. With a cooking platform like that you’ll want to get replacement parts ASAP. At O-reps the parts we have listed are just a fraction of what we have or can get. In most cases we can deliver from us to you in 1-4 days. Don’t see your part or not sure just give us a call 888-289-5911 we’ll be happy to help you out.