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Vulcan-Hart//Wolf IR Burners

Vulcan hart/Wolf Infrared burners

Vulcan Hart IRX™ Infrared burners along with Wolf WICM series cheesemelters and CIRB series set the standard for Salamander broilers. With instant heat and a consistent cooking temperature you'll find you get a better taste and less shrinkage with Infrared technology. We provide the most commonly replaced Vulcan/Wolf infrared burners in our online store at a discount. Don't see your IR burner email us sales

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Quick glance at the IR burners we stock
Vulcan hart 414754-3 Infrared burner --- Vulcan hart 844516-16 Infrared burner
Wolf 712038 Infrared burner --- Wolf 712398 Infrared burner
Wolf 712529 Infrared burner --- Wolf 714901 Infrared burner
Wolf 712379 Infrared burner