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Kolapk door closers

Kolpak and Vollrath door closers
We stock a large variety of walk-in cooler door closers in our online store all in stock and ready to ship. The Kason 1092 and the 1094 are the most popular, however if yours is different or has already been changed out, try looking on our walk-in cooler Door closers page.
  • (K9) Kason 1094 Exposed tab door closer flush

    (B3-5) Kason 1094 Door closer w/flush hook

    Kason 1094 Door closer flush w/hook Exposed tab hydraulic SureClose™ Gas loaded hydraulic cylinder allows a smooth closure Tested reliably after a half million closures Kason 1094 door closer flush mount exposed tab is used on walk-in...

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  • Kason 11092 Door closer flush Kason 11092 Door closer flush

    (B3-9a) Kason 1092 Door closer flush mount

    Kason 1092 Door closer flush hydraulic Walk-in cooler door closer complete with hook Kason door closer shuts door noiselessly keeping it closed When temperature-pressure build up opens door Kason 1092 Re-closes the door Kason door closer flush...

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