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PVC and impact Doors

Clear Vu™ PVC & impact doors

Specifically made for Walk-In Coolers. Clear Vu™ PVC plastic doors are 'hands down' the absolute best clear pvc swinging doors on the market for walk-in cooler applications. While Impact Doors are the perfect addition for your temperature sensitive area. Impact traffic doors lock in cooled or heated air. This temperature control saves energy costs and extends compressor life. Impact doors open with less than 1 pound of pressure but are durable enough to withstand the traffic of personnel, pallet jacks, carts and forklifts. They are made of .125 polyvinyl and have a 15" x 15" standard clear polycarbonate window which is virtually unbreakable and shatterproof. Impact traffic Doors are longer lasting and easier to pass through than strip doors.
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