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Kason Strap Style Hinges

Kason Strap Style Door Hinges
DIY hinge replacement. Save 10% to 15% on all strap hinges

Kason Strap style door hinges for large heavy doors. These hinges are designed to take the extra size and weight of larger walk-in cooler, freezer, cold storage and warehouse doors. Whether they're being used for new construction or a broken hinge replacement, we provide the hinges needed for the job. From the 1074 strap hinge to the 1037 durable brass chrome plated hinge or steel strap surface mount hinges. You can bet that o-reps has the hinge you need at a discounted price. Don't see your hinge email us orders
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  • Kason 1074 Steel strap hinge                               Kason 1251 Double knuckle hinges
  • Kason 1075 Heavy duty steel strap hinges         Kason 1055 Brass High strength hinges
  • Kason 1035 Brass high strength hinges              Kason 1214 Iron strap hinges
  • Kason 1241 Double knuckle hinges                     Kason 1277 Heavy duty strap hinges