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Kason Walk-in Hinges

Kason® walk-in cooler door hinges

Walk-in cooler door hinges from the 1245 series cam lift style which is probably the most popular and the 1255 to the heavy duty 1074, 1075 and 1076 series or our specialty 1277 series supermarket style hinges. Have a big heavy door no problem we carry the 1035 and 1055 brass chrome plated hinges for those tough jobs. No matter what the job with our extensive inventory you can be sure to find the hinge you need in stock and at a discount. Kason® is the leading manufacturer of walk-in style door hinges in the industry. You can find their product used on name brand walk-in coolers like Bally, Kolpak, WA Brown, Hobart, Leer, McCall, Tafco to name a few. Don’t leave your cooler door hanging with a broken hinge replace today. Have a question or need help email us orders

                                                                                                   Hinge styles to choose from:

                  Kason 1245 Cam lift hinge                               Kason 1074 Steel strap hinge                                Kason 1251 Double knuckle hinges
                  Kason 1248 Spring assisted hinge                    Kason 1075 Heavy duty steel strap hinges              Kason 1214 Iron strap hinges
                  Kason 1255 Cam lift hinge                               Kason 1035 Brass high strength hinges                  Kason 1277 Heavy duty strap hinges 
                  Kason 1256 Cam lift hinge                               Kason 1055 Brass High strength hinges
                  Kason 1246 & 1249  Cam lift hinges                 Kason 1241 Double knuckle hinges