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Walkin Door Hardware

Walk-in door hardware and parts

List of walk-in cooler and cold storage parts at wholesale prices. WE SELL ONLY GENUINE KASON PRODUCTS. Our Kason walk-in cooler and freezer door parts are always in stock, which means you'll have no problem getting items like Kason door closers, walk-in cooler gaskets, panel plugs, and heater wire. We always stock Component Hardware Group, also known as CHG, items like pressure relief ports, foot treadle door openers, latches, and hinges. It doesn't matter what parts you're seeking; we’ll have it or we'll get it. We’re here to help you repair your cooler. If you can't find the items you're looking for email us orders
  • (B3-1a) Kason 1095 Door closer body only (B3-1a) Kason 1095 Door closer body only

    (B3-1a) Kason 1095 Door closer body only

    Kason 1095 door closer spring action Operates by direct force to help with door closure Designed to overcome resistance caused by door gaskets and air pressure Kason 1095 Door closer body only Easy installation simply slides or snaps on concealed...

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