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Delfield thermostats

Delfield thermostat cold controls

Delfield replacement cold control thermostats. A bad thermostat can wreak havoc to a refrigeration system. Determine what is causing the temperature problem. Check that the Door gasket has a good seal. Refer to your Delfield manual on how to remove the thermostat cover and test with a continuity tester, you might have an open circuit. Extend product life, save energy by replacing a bad thermostat. Have a question email us orders 
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Delfield thermostats at a glance
Delfield 2194224 Thermostat        Delfield 2194536-S thermostat
Delfield 3516048 Thermostat         Delfield 3516010 Thermostat
Delfield 3516043 Thermostat         Delfield 2194783KT Temperature Control Kit
Delfield 2194782KT Temp Control Kit Refrigerator