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Randell Thermostats

Randell thermostats, timers and defrost controls

Randell refrigerator, freezer and cooler replacement cold controls. We have the most commonly replaced thermostats and defrost controls for unified brands Randell refrigerated equipment in our online store. Keeping the correct temperature can help with product taste and shelf life so replace that bad thermostat, defrost timer or fan termination switch today and receive it in a few short days. Have a question email us sales
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Randell thermostats and temp. controls at a glance
Randell HDCNT200 Thermostat --- Randell HDCNT100 Thermostat
Randell HDCNT0501 Thermostat --- Randell ELTMR100 Timer 120v
Randell EL-TMR120 Timer programmable --- Randell RFTRM002 Defrost termination
Randell RFTRM001 Defrost termination