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Thermostats Defrost controls

Traulsen thermostats, defrost timers and defrost termination switches

Having a bad temperature day? that can cost you money in energy & lost product. We have the cure! the most commonly replaced cold controls for Traulsen refrigerator, freezer or coolers. List of Thermostats, temp controls, defrost timers and defrost termination switches in stock and ready to ship same day. You might want to check to make sure your temperature lose isn’t from a bad Door gasket . Keeping your Traulsen refrigerated equipment at the correct temperature will extend product life. Need a thermostat or defrost control? buy today and have your part you in 1-4 days. Have a question? No worries give us a call 888-289-5911 or email us sales

Traulsen thermostats and temp controls at a glance
Traulsen 324-60001 ThermostatTraulsen 324-28994 Thermostat
Traulsen 324-12769 ThermostatTraulsen 324-12455 Thermostat
Traulsen 324-33085 ThermostatTraulsen 324-21993 Defrost time clock
Traulsen 324-38504 Timer 8 hourTraulsen 324-12766 Defrost limit control
Traulsen 324-12767 Fan delay control