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Refrigerator Freezer latch and hinge Hardware
Custom made wire shelves and accessories

 Kason Reach-in refrigerator freezer door latches, wooden display door latches, hinges and cabinet hardware! Providing original Kason® 930, 931, 531 and 538 Trigger action latches, the Kason 171 and 172 magnetic latches, the Kason 174 mechanical latches and Kason edgemont and facemount hinges for foodservice equipment. We also offer custom made wire shelves in zinc, chrome, epoxy and stainless steel finishes, shelf standards and shelf clips for refrigerated foodservice equipment all available in our Online store 7 days a week!
We Sell Original Kason® Products!

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Reach-in Refrigerator Freezer Door Hardware & Parts by Kason 

Kason Edgemount latches
Kason Magnetic latches
Kason trigger latches
Kason pull handles

Kason Edgemount Cam-Lift hinge

Kason Refrigerator hinge

Kason Surface mount hinge

Kason Pivot hinge

Condensate pans

Wire shelves


Shelf clips


We also stock Component, Primco and Polar Hardware!


Kason In Stock Reach-In Refrigerator Hardware
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Kason Reach-in Refrigerator-Freezer latches & Hardware

Kason 172 Edgemount latch
Kason 171 Edgemount magnetic latch
Kason 174 Edgemount latch
Kason 531 Edgemount latch
Kason 531B Offset handle edgemount latch
Kason 533D Edgemount latch
538 Latch
Kason 930 Surface mount  trigger latch
Kason 931 Surface mount latch

Kason Refrigerator & Oven edgemount hinges

Kason 1247 Cam lift edgemount hinge
Kason 1267 Cam lift edgemount hinge
Kason 1267 Spring assisted cam lift hinge
Kason 215 Cam lift hinge
Kaso 212 Edgemount hinge
Kason 214 Adjustable edgemount  hinge
Kason 217 Edgemount hinge
Kason 218 Spring assisted edgemount hinge
Kason 1216 Edgemount hinge

Kason Reach-in Refrigerator & Custom Cabinet Surfacemount hinges

Kason 139 Surface mount hinge
Kason 1070 Surface mount hinge
Kason 1070A Surface mount hinge
Kason 1071 Surface mount  hinge
Kason 1071A Surface mount hinge
1521 Hinge
1522 Hinge
1556 Hinge assembly
Kason Pull handles
Condensate Pan

Condensate Pan

Shelf Pilasters and Clips
Wire Shelf


Commercial Refrigeration Hardware and Accessories for Reach-in refrigeration equipment, Ovens and dishwashers
In-Stock Kason® Reach-in Refrigerator Freezer Door Hardware & Parts
Kason Edgemount latches ι Kason Magnetic latches ι Kason pull handles ι Kason Edgemount Cam-Lift hinge ι Kason Edgemount hinge ι Kason Surface mount hinge ι Kason Pivot hinge 
Condensate pans ι Pilasters ι Shelf clips
We also stock Component, Primco and Polar Hardware!