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Kolpak Parts Door Hinges, Latches, Thermometers

 Kolpak replacement parts. Providing Kolpak/Vollrath repair parts for Walk-in cooler and Freezer boxes. Save on energy costs and extend product life by replacing worn hinges and broken latch handles. is looking out for you!
 by stocking in our online store the most  commonly replaced Kolpak parts from Door latch hardware, thermometers, door closers and more. Getting you the Kolpak parts you need in 2-3 days ground shipping.

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Kolpak/Vollrath in stock Replacement door latch handles, hinges, thermometers, timers

Kason 926C Handle
Kason 1236C Handle
Kason 1239C Handle
Dent D90 Handle

Dent D61 Hinge
Kason 1255 hinge
Kason 1256 hinge
1255 & 1256 spring kit

Kason 1092 Door closer
Kason 1094C concealed door closer
Kason 1094 door closer
Kolpak 29097-1075 digital Thermometer

PVC Strip curtains

Walk-in cooler lighting, heater wire

Kolpak Vollrath Latches and Hinges

Kason 926C locking latch p/n 50000-0470

Kason 926C Locking handle w/inside release


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 926C
Description: Locking latch
OEM # 50000-0474 Old #23609-1075
Kason 1236 locking haandle w/lever inside release. Used on Kolpak flush doors

Kason 1236 locking handle w/lever inside release


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1236C-00005 flush
Description: Locking latch with Lever inside release
OEM # 1236C-5
Used by Kolpak
1236 locking handle w/lever inside release

Kason 1236 Locking handle w/knob inside release


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1236C-00006 flush
Description: Locking latch with Knob inside release
OEM # 1236C-6
Used by Kolpak
Dent D-90 latch with key and lever inside release

Dent D90 Flush mount Latch handle


Manufacturer: Dent
Model: D90 flush
Description: latch flush mount with key & Lever inside release
OEM # D90
Used by Kolpak
Kason 1239 brushed chrome locking handlew/lever inside release used on Kolpak flush doors

Kason 1239C Locking handle front mount


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1239C00005 flush
Description: Locking latch with Lever inside release
OEM # 1239C-5
Used by Kolpak
Dent D61-R right hand hinge used by Kolpak

Dent D61 RH hinge 5" long


Manufacturer: Dent
Model: D-61R flush
Description: Hinge flush mount Right Hand 5"
OEM # 23596-1075
Used by Kolpak
Dent D61-L Flush cam lift hinge Left hand used by Kolpak

Dent D61 Left hand hinge 5" long


Manufacturer: Dent
Model: D-61L flush
Description: Hinge flush mount Left Hand 5"
OEM # D-61L
Used by Kolpak
Kason 1255 flush mount hinge reversible. Used on Kolpak walk-ins

Kason 1255 Flush hinge 6" Used by Kolpak


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1255 flush 6"
Description: Hinge flush mount Reversible
OEM # 1255
Used by Kolpak
Kason 1256 flush mount hinge reversible. Used on Kolpak walk-in doors

Kason 1256 Flush hinge 8" Used by Kolpak


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1256 flush 8"
Description: Hinge flush mount Reversible
OEM # 1256
Used by Kolpak
Kason 1255 & 1256 spring kit

Kason 1255 & 1256 Spring kit


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1255 & 1256 Spring ki 
Description: Spriing Kit
OEM # 1255SK
Used by Kolpak

We supply other hinges and door parts for walk-in coolers. For more information please call 888-289-5911 or e-mail us! Parts


Kolpak/Vollrath Door closers, Thermometers, Controls
Kason 1092 Door closer flush mount. Used by kolpak


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1092  
Description: Door closer flush
OEM # 1092-01
Used by Kolpak
Kason 1094 door closer flush mount exposed tabs. Used by kolpak


Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1094  
Description: Door closer flush. exposed tabs
OEM # 1094-01
Used by Kolpak
Kolpak 29097-11075 Digital thermometer


Manufacturer: Kolpak
Model:  Digital Thermometer includes transformer
Description: Thermometer 120v 3/4" display
Temp range -40° to +120° probe  8-1/2 feet
OEM # 29097-1075
Used by Kolpak
McCall 351-6586 Thermostat. Used by Kolpak


Manufacturer: McCall by Ranco
Model:  A30-3915-000
Description: Thermostat 34° to 40° 60" Cap
OEM # 351-6586
Used by Kolpak
McCall 17928 Fan delay 3 wire. Used by Kolpak


Manufacturer: McCall
Model:  Fan Delay
Description: 3 wire Defrost/fan delay termination switch
OEM # 17928
Used by Kolpak
Please be sure to verify the part number with your model. If you have any questions please call 888-289-5911 or e-mail us Parts


Providing a wide variety of Kolpak/Vollrath replacement parts to the foodservice industry
 Commercial Walk-in cooler, Walk-in freezers, Walk-in Cold storage and Warehouse door hardware and parts.
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