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Pitco replacement Parts, Safety valves, Thermostats, Temp Control
 Pitco parts replacement, Keep your equipment in safe working condition by replacing defective gas valves, We provide a wide variety of replacement  thermocouples, Spark m
odules, Hi limit, Safety valves, Thermostats, Thermopile, Temperature controls and more. Check out our new pricing, we stock Pitco Fryer replacement parts to the Food service industry. Getting you the Pitco parts you need from us to you in 2-3 days ground shipping on in stock items,
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PP10084 Hi limit thermostat


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermostat LCH Hi limit 450º fixed
Models: All gas fryers
O-Reps# RG217
OEM # PP10084

P5047526 Wire leads for Hi limit


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Hi limit wire leads 18"
Models: All gas fryers w/LCH hi limit 
O-Reps# RL177
OEM # P5047526

P5047587 Thermostat


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermostat KX style 200-400º
Models: All gas fryers w/120v systems

O-Reps# RG291
OEM # P5047587

60125401 Thermostat


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermostat RX Style 200-400º
Models: Fryer SG series
O-Reps# RG609
OEM # 60125401

P5047588 Thermostat GS Type 200 to 400 deg. Pitco fryer models ALL GAS FRYERS EXCEPT SG SERIES


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermostat GS Type 200-400º F 
Models: All gas fryers (except SG series)
O-Reps# RG140
OEM # P5047588

P5047589 Thermostat. used on models EM14 & EM14DL & EM40 & EM40DL(S/N 1450521 & UP).


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermostat KX type 250-375º
Models: All electric fryers EM14 & EM14DL & EM40 & EM40DL(S/N
1450521 & UP).
O-Reps# RG289
OEM # P5047589

60113501-C Safety valve 24v


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Safety Valve 24v 1.2" FPT
SG14S-D, SG14T, SG14TDI, SG18, SG18-JS, SG18DI, SG18F,
SSH55, SSH60, SSH75, SSH75RS
O-Reps# RS-223
OEM # 60113501-C

60125201-C Safety valve Millivolt


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Safety gas valve 750 millivolt 225,000BTU
Models: FRYER SG14, SG14DI, SG14R, SG14RDI, SG14S-D, SG14T,
SG14TDI, SG18, SG18DI, SG18F, SG18S, SG18S-D, SGC,
O-Reps# RH931
OEM # 60125201-C

60125501 Thermopile


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermopile 36"
Can be used with Honeywell valves 
Models: FRYER SG14, SG14DI, SG14R, SG14RDI, SG14S-D, SG14T,
SG14TDI, SG18, SG18DI, SG18F, SG18S, SG18S-D, SGC,  
O-Reps# RH1265
OEM # 60125501


P5047540 Pitco thermocouple 24"


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermocouple 24" 
Models: FRYER SG14, SG14DI, SG14R, SG14RDI, SG14S-D, SG14T,
SG14TDI, SG18, SG18DI, SG18F, SG18S, SG18S-D, SGC, SGM23 
O-Reps# RH221
OEM # P5047540


P5047541 Thermopile


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Thermoplie 36" coaxial
Models: All gas fryers
O-Reps# RH231
OEM # P5047541

60130901 Pilot assembly


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Pilot assembly with pilot igniter
Models: FRYER SG, SGH50
O-Reps# RM-291
OEM # 60130901

B8039517-C Pilot assembly


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Pilot assembly with pilot igniter
Models: FRYER SGM (EI), SSH55/75
O-Reps# RM-292
OEM # B8039517-C

60128801 Pilot burner nat/lp


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Pilot burner nat/lp flame pattern 3 way
Models: Fryer MKG60, SG14, SG14DI, SG14R, SG14RDI, SG14RS,
SG14S-D, SG14T, SG14TDI, SG18, SG18DI, SG18F, SG18S,
O-Reps# RM-293
OEM # 60128801

Pitco P6071050 burner with 2 threaded inserts. Pitco fryer models 20, 24, 26, 35


Manufacturer: Pitco
Description: Burner cast iron 4" x 2-1/2"burn area (12-1/2" long)
Models: Pitco Fryer 20, 24, 26, 34
OEM # P6071050


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