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Kason Reach-in Refrigerator Freezer Surface mount Hinges
Kason reach-in refrigerator door hinges. Kason 139, 1070, 1071 series flange mount hinges and the 1070A, 1071A flange nylon bearing door hinges and the Kason 1556 Pivot door hinge, for Reach-in refrigerator doors, Custom Cabinets and truck or trailer body's. Kason® is the industry leader in refrigeration and Cabinet hardware! Online ordering 7 days a week!
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Need a Kason Hinge? We providing Kason® Surface flange mount and Pivot door hinges:
Kason 139 ,1070, 1070A ,1071, 1071A, 1522, 1521, 1556 hinges

Kason Refrigerator Freezer Reach in Surface flange mount and Pivot Door Hinges Sold at a Discount !


Kason 139 hinge

Kason 139

Kason 1070 hinge

Kason 1070

Kason 1070A hinge

Kason 1070A

Kason 1071 hinge

Kason 1071

Kason 1071A hinge

Kason 1071A

Kason 1521 pivot hinge

Kason 1521

Kason 1522 pivot hinge

Kason 1522

Kason 1556 pivot hinge

Kason 1556


We provide other Surface mount hinges by Kason, Component and Primco. Please call or e-mail for pricing. Sales

NOTE: In most cases the part number is stamped on back side of hinge.



How to measure an Offset diagram

Hinge offset diagram

Kason Refrigerator Freezer flange mount hinges


Kason 139 surface mount hinge

Kason 139 Hinge

Kason 139 specs

Kason 0139000004 Flush Narrow Flange hinge. Classic styling for small service doors designed to withstand hard use.

Manufacturer: Kason

Part #


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Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 139 Surface flange mount hinge
Length: 4-1/2"
Finish: Chrome


139 Flange Mount Hinge Flush


139 Flange Mount Hinge 5/8" Offset


139 Flange Mount Hinge 3/4" Offset


139 Flange Mount Hinge 7/8" Offset


139 Flange Mount Hinge 1-1/8" Offset

Kason 1070 surface mount hinge

Kason 1070 Hinge

Kason 1070 specs

Kason 1070000004 Flush Narrow Flange hinge. Workhorse high strength hinge with stainless steel through pin.

Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1070 Surface flange mount hinge
Length: 6-1/16"
Finish: Chrome


1070 Flange Mount Hinge Flush


1070 Flange Mount Hinge 5/8" Offset


1070 Flange Mount Hinge 3/4' Offset


1070 Flange Mount Hinge 7/8" Offset


1070 Flange mount hinge 1" offset



1070 Flange Mount Hinge 1-1/8" Offset

Kason 1070A Surface mount hinge

Kason 1070A Hinge

Kason 1070A specs

Kason 1070A000016 Nylon Bearing hinge 7/8" offset. Nylon bearing washers provide smooth door swing and long life.

Model: 1070A Nylon bearing flange mount hinge
Length: 6-3/8"
Finish: Chrome


1070A Flange Mount Hinge 7/8" Offset


1070A Flange Mount Hinge 1-1/8" Offset

Kason 1071 Surface mount hinge

Kason 1071 Hinge

Kason 1071 specs

Kason 1071000032 Narrow Flange hinge 7/8" offset surface mount. The larger of the 1070 series narrow flange hinges.

Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1071 Surface flange mount hinge
Length: 7-1/8"
Finish: Chrome
Refrigerator, cabinet


1071 Flange Mount Hinge 7/8" Offset


1071 Flange Mount Hinge 1-1/8" Offset

Kason 1071A Surface mount hinge

Kason 1071A Hinge

Kason 1071A specs

Kason 1071A000032 Nylon bearing surface mount hinge 7/8" offset. Nylon bearing provide smooth door swing.

Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 1071A Nylon bearing flange mount hinge
Length: 7-3/8"
Finish: Chrome


1071A Flange Mount Hinge 7/8" Offset


1071A Flange Mount Hinge 1-1/8" Offset

Kason refrigerator freezer pivot door hinges

Kason 1556 Pivot hinge

Kason 1556 Pivot Hinge

1556 specs
Manufacturer: Kason
Model: 2856K Two door pivot hinge kit
1) left hand 1) right hand
Finish: Chrome

1556-K Two door Hinge Kit

1556-KL Left Hand Hinge Kit

1556-KR Right Hand Hinge Kit


Providing Kason® Surface mount  and Pivot door hinges:
Kason 139 ,1070, 1070A ,1071, 1071A, 1522, 1521, 1556 hinges