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Component Hardware Keil® Refrigeration Hardware Parts and Accessories

Component Hardware Group (CHG) Keil® Refrigeration Hardware for Walk-in and Reach-in refrigerator-freezers. Providing replacement walk-in and Reach-in refrigerator, freezer Latches, Hinges, handles, door closers, pressure ports, Lighting hardware and accessories to the foodservice industry. Component Hardware Keil® Refrigeration Hardware has been manufacturing walk-in refrigeration hardware and Restaurant equipment hardware for over 30 years. We stock in our online store the most commonly used Component hardware and Keil hardware in the industry at great prices to the end user.
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Component Hardware Group (CHG) Walk-in Cooler and Reach-in Refrigerator freezer Hardware and Parts

Component CHG safety latches

Component CHG Locking handles

Component CHG Surface mount latches

Component CHG Cam-Lift hinges

Component CHG Strap hinges

Component CHG Hydraulic door closers

Component CHG Edgemount latches

Component CHG Edgemount Cam-Lift hinges

Component CHG Edgemount hinges

Component CHG Surface mount hinges

Component CHG Pivot hinges

Component CHG Pressure port


Standard Keil® Refrigeration Hardware (CHG)
Std Keil 2838 and 9500 series walk-in latches replaced by
Component (CHG) W38 Latch and inside release
Std Keil 9300 Series cam lift hinges replaced by
Component (CHG) W60 series
9300-21 butt 9300-31 blade = Flush               9300-21 butt 9300-32 blade = 1-1/8 offset
9300-23 butt 9300-32 blade = 1-1/4 offset      9300-22 butt 9300-32 blade = 1-3/8 offset
9300-21 butt 9300-33 blade = 1-5/8 offset      9300-23 butt 9300-33 blade = 1-3/4 offset
9300-22 butt 9300-33 blade =2" offset

9300 series Keil hinges are now CHG W60 series


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We also stock Kason, Primco and Polar Hardware!


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Component Hardware (CHG) Walk-in Cooler Latches, Hinges & Hardware

Component hardware W19 latch

Component W19 Latch

Component W38 latch

Component W38 Latch

Component W28 inside release

Component W28 inside release

Component R55 door closer

Componenet R55 Door Closer

Componnt hardware W50-1000 foot Treadle

 Foot Treadle

Component pressure relief port

Component W86 ventilator relief port

W60 Long blade hinge

Component W60 hinge

Component W62 spring kit

Component W62 Spring kit

W60 Spring Assisted Hinge

Component W60 Spring Assisted Hinge

Component Hardware (CHG) Refrigerator Latches & Hinges

Component R35-1105 latch

CHG R35 Edgemount Latch

Component R50-2851 Spring assisted Hinge

CHG R50-2851 Spring Asst. Hinge

Component R50-2850 Edgemount Hinge

CHG R50-2850 Edgemount Hinge

Component R42-2842 Edgemount Hinge

CHG R42-2842 Edgemount Hinge

Component R42-2842 Spring Kit

CHG R42-2842 Spring Kit

Component R56-1010 Hinge Assembly

CHG R56-1010 Spring Cartridge Assy.


Component Hardware Group (CHG) Product Line:
W-19, W38, R55, W60, R35, R50, R56, R42, W86

 Component Hardware Group (CHG) Walk-in and Reach-in Refrigerator Freezer Hardware